sound art project by Antonio Della Marina


«What a beautiful project. A simple but lovely idea indeed. It works because it’s so simple and immediate. That’s what I really like about it!!»
- Robin Rimbaud / Scanner

What is it

fades.net is a sound art piece for unlimited number of speakers and audience participation.

How it works

Connect all available internet devices to www.fades.net and press start.

Everybody is invited to join the performance with laptops/smartphones/tablets, etc.
The acoustical result is in direct relationship with the amount of devices involved.
The more people joining in the bigger the number of voices building the sound sculpture.

Sound is made of single sinewaves, it's realtime generated and unique for every machine.
Every source performs a monophonic fade-in/fade-out sequence loop with changing ramp times and pitches.

Tunings are designed by the author and can be customized depending on the event and the location for the exhibition, exploiting site-specific resonances or other specific needs.
Like a Inverse Fourier Transform, fades.net aims to rebuild a complex harmonic sound through the massive use of single sinewave players.
fades.net is cross-platform and cross browser.

Technical needs

- affordable free wi-fi
- undefined number of internet devices
- volume depends on portable technology power, thus a not too noisy space is required for the exhibition

Programming notes

Sound is driven by Flocking, an audio synthesis toolkit designed in JavaScript and created by Colin Clark.
To him goes all my gratitude for his help and his work.
Please see the faq page for more informations about compatibility.