sound art project by Antonio Della Marina

It doesn't work on my smartphone/tablet/laptop...

fades.net is 99% cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. It is currently under developement and it is based on HTML5 and JavaScript. Its core engine has been tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. If you don't hear any sound you might need to update your OS and/or your browser.
Since Microsoft hasn't yet implemented the W3C's Web Audio API in any version of Internet Explorer, fades.net doesn't run on windows phones.
A bug may occasionally prevent fades.net to load correctly on desktop Safari. I am working to fix this, in the meantime I recommend to refresh the page and it'll run.

What kind of sound is this?

fades.net is entirely based on sinewaves, the sinusoidal oscillation obtained electronically. By overlaying many sinewaves together you can obtain more complex sounds.

What is the tuning of fades.net?

The tuning is a fundamental element of this project and changes from time to time. It is supposed to be custom designed for specific places or events. As an example it can be derived from a Just Intonation lattice, or exploit the resonances of a particular space or can be derived from a FFT analysis of a significant sound.

Why fades.net is monophonic?

Well, this is an aesthetic choice and the whole project is about joining singles together to obtain a mass / single voices for a common sonorous drone. You can open many windows/tabs at once to get a more complex sound and get a glimpse on how it would sound with massive participation.

Are color and pitch in fades.net somehow connected?


I hear some clicks and dropouts. How comes?

Sound generation in JavaScript is CPU intensive. Background activity running on the system can cause an interruption of the normal continuous audio stream, resulting in clicks and pops. It is advisable to avoid navigation or page scrolling while the app is playing.